As of May 1st, 2014, the BALS Blog pages will be retired.  Social media seems to be the most effective way to get the word out on the great things happening here at Bay Area Legal Services, so please feel free to visit our Facebook ( and Twitter ( sites for the latest articles and news about […]

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I’ve met some attorneys who, because they’re awesome, donate their own time to those less fortunate, to those who cannot pay for legal services.  During an Intake Clinic night at the Bay Area Volunteer Lawyers Program (BAVLP), a night during the recent Polar Vortex, well-wrapped attorneys came in to interview clients and provide counsel, advice […]

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When you say the word “divorce,” you picture a soon-to-be-ex on each side of a table with their lawyer, ready to fight it out in court. But there are now more civil ways of ending a marriage. Nowadays, there is the concept of “collaborative” divorce. Collaborative divorce is the banning of mudslinging: it’s a binding […]

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Nick contacted BALS for help when his social security benefits were garnished due to a federal tax liability. A retired businessman, Nick applied to BALS after suffering financial ruin. After years of successfully operating his own business, he unknowingly married a woman who was a convicted felon with a history of financial exploitation of others. […]

The Bay Area Volunteer Lawyers Program and I go way back. I started my career at Bay Area Legal Services with temporary assignments to BAVLP in my last quarter of paralegal school, now over twenty years ago. It was a pleasant new thing for me to see attorneys donating services to people in great need […]

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