Nick contacted BALS for help when his social security benefits were garnished due to a federal tax liability. A retired businessman, Nick applied to BALS after suffering financial ruin. After years of successfully operating his own business, he unknowingly married a woman who was a convicted felon with a history of financial exploitation of others.

The Bay Area Volunteer Lawyers Program and I go way back. I started my career at Bay Area Legal Services with temporary assignments to BAVLP in my last quarter of paralegal school, now over twenty years ago. It was a pleasant new thing for me to see attorneys donating services to people in great need

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Julia contacted BALS seeking help with obtaining a permanent injunction for protection on behalf of her 16-year-old granddaughter, Tracy. Tracy was in an abusive relationship with the father of her four-month-old child. On Easter Sunday Tracy made plans with Julia to take the baby to visit relatives. Before they could leave the house, her boyfriend

Helen applied to BALS after her wages were garnished. She lived with her husband and two young children. Her five-year-old daughter has special needs and required surgery. Due to her child’s medical condition, Helen worked from home. Her husband also worked, but could find only part-time employment. The couple had accumulated credit card debt and

Karen is a veteran and a single mother with three young children. She recently separated from her husband and had filed for divorce. Karen had been attending nursing school on the G.I. Bill, but had to drop out because she did not have sufficient income to cover all of her expenses. She struggled to find

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